Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chunky Cuffs

Chunky Crochet Bracelets
cotton yarn, your color choices. it takes very little yarn, you can use scraps you have laying around
size 5 crochet hook
Beginning chain
With your choice color yarn, chain 65, leaving a long beginning tail ( 9 inches should do it) as you will use this tail to sew both ends of bracelet together. You may also adjust the length of the cuff, adding ot subtracting beginning chains for a better fit.
row 1-
do 3 sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across to the last chain, (as you go along the chain will form a spiral) cut yarn, leaving another long tail,
using a large eye sewing needle, thread needle with one of the tails, weave in , then using the other long tail, sew the ends of your bracelet together, knot and weave in tail.
do the same for the next bracelet in your choice color yarn until you have your 4 bracelets.
I am not very good at writing a pattern to read, so if you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me. I would love to see pics of the bracelets you make!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Know anyone like this?

if you know someone, or have been affected by someone, who needs a smack upside the head. People who need a smack upside the head affect the lives of many. There is still no known cure for someone who deserves a smack upside the head, except a smack upside the head, but we can raise awareness.

Gypsy Head Scarf

Materials any soft yarn, such as red heart super soft, Hobby Lobby's I love this yarn, etc N hook yarn needle Pattern: ...