Saturday, August 30, 2014

Got a mouse in the house?

I recently had a mouse in my home, maybe more. I really don't know, but I know they had been in my food cabinets because I would see tiny bites in my candy bars and a trail of little mouse poops. I could see that the mouse had also gotten into opened packages, such as rice or flour, or crackers. Plus my cat was sitting by the kitchen cabinets that are below the sink an awful lot. I'm thinking that's the mouses hidey place. Now I love animals, I didn't want to poison the mouse, or see it all stiff in a trap, I didn't want to see the damn thing period. So what I did was buy some steel wool (I got mine at Dollar Tree)and started stuffing steel wool in every hole under my kitchen sink. The holes the pipes come thru. I also did the same under my bathroom sink. Then I packaged up anything opened (such as crackers, flour, etc.)into zipper lock plastic bags. I then moved all my non refrigerated foods out of the kitchen cabinets to a hall closet that has shelves. Then I went to work cleaning up mouse poop and making sure no bits of food for him to find. A week later, viola, no more mouse. It seems Mr. Mouse moved on. I'm happy, he's happy and I feel good I didn't have to kill him.

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